ITMEX Americas 2013

Show time: April 2-5, 2013, extend (4 days)
The Exhibition site: Anhembi Exhibition Centre of Sao Paulo
Show host: Alcantara Machado Reed Exhitions
The exhibition period: the four years
Exhibition range:
1, textile machinery, spinning machines, knitting machines, weaving machines, packaging and sizing machine, dyeing machine and equipment, spinning, knitting and embroidery machine, indentation machine, stratified cutting machine, drilling machine, embroidery machine, binding machine, finishing equipment and accessories;
2, sewing machine, sewing machine, sewing machine drive and control system, the sewing machine motor, locked stitcher, sewing machines accessories and spare parts, garment manufacturing machinery, iron and steaming dyeing equipment and accessories, grinding machine, the knife cut, cutting equipment, rinse, wash ironing equipment and accessories;
3, embroidery machine, weaving machine, trimming machine, embroidery machine, raw materials, industrial yarn and fabric, synthetic materials, fabric and fiber, bonding and suture material, lining cloth, embroidery thread, clothing textiles, dyes and chemicals;
4, automation systems, computer aided design and computer integrated manufacturing system, computer software, planning and control of facilities and services.
The exhibition past review:
ITMEX 2009 Brazilian textile machinery exhibition area of 30000 square meters, the exhibition company, except the local more than 230 exhibitors from Argentina, Uruguay, the United States, Mexico, India, China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries and regions more than 300 companies. According to statistics from the exhibitors, in this session of the Brazilian textile machinery exhibition, professional audiences of more than 18500 person-time, customers mainly come from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Brazil.
The Brazilian market introduction:
Brazil the world's top 10 ChanMian base, occupies the important position in the global textile manufacturing, ranked third in the textile and garment industry ranked sixth, seventh in the silk production and manufacturing, general textile ranked eighth. In march of 2007, Brazil's trade minister, luis fernando. The past to the media revealed that the Brazilian government will put forward to the southern common market "NaGongShi" will come from areas outside the country of the textiles, clothing, shoes and furniture common tariffs up to 35%. In other words, as a garment export powerhouse Brazil, the textile products will rely more on domestic production, for textile machinery manufacturers, is a perfect opportunity.
Brazil's economic strength among the top of the Latin America, the market is quite broad. Brazil or in Latin America's largest trading partner in China, is one of the key to develop the market in our country. China's textile equipment, sewing machines, label machine, packing machine and so on in Brazil has a large market potential. Through the exhibition, companies generally feel Brazilian textile industry after several years of adjustment, improvement and development has bottomed out, in this case, the export of Chinese textile machinery and equipment for extremely potential! Brazil after the financial turmoil, the economy continued to grow again. The better economic situation, effectively in the machinery product demand and market development. Brazil's part of the package and textile industries such as chemical industry, and other industrial production capacity is close to the limit, the government will consider limited emergency measures, help producers to expand production capacity, so the related mechanical demand will also increase. Especially in the textile industry will be a lot of investment for equipment update, make the big increase in sales of textile machinery.
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